Camping Information 2017

Camping: There is now only one Festival Camping Entrance regardless of your day of arrival. It is located off Route 93, You will be directed to a Staging Area.

Camping Arrivals:

Super Duper Early Bird: TBA

Super Early Bird: TBA

Early Bird: TBA

All Early Camping Options can only be purchased at the gate, No Early Purchases are available.

Generators & Loud Music must be shut off at 12:30 AM

Coolers are OK at your campsite, No Glass Bottles Please.

No Outside drinks allowed in the amphitheater.

Blankets & Chairs are permitted in designated areas.

You & Your bags will be searched to keep everyone safe.

No Pets are allowed in Festival camping except Licensed Service Animals.

Golf Carts, ATVs, UTVs, Scooters, Lawn Mowers, and Recreational Vehicles etc. Are NOT allowed to be brought to on to grounds.

Parking Passes: One Pass Per Site, Extra passes are $20.00, If your extra vehicle will not fit within your site lines, you will be asked to move your car into a designated parking area within the grounds.

Taxi Services will be available for charge; they will act as shuttles around the grounds.

You MUST stay within site lines; Sites are now regulated by the Health Department. Please no saving, taping, or marking out your own site, if you want to camp together you must arrive together.

PLEASE BAG TRASH and keep your site neat and clean, Set bagged trash by access road by 7AM each day for collection.

You must maintain your site in a neat fashion, or you could forfeit your admission, The Health Department will be monitoring campgrounds, So keep it clean and Classy.

Camping without the proper wristband will result in a fine of $350.00 and removal from the park, Campground sweeps will begin at 9PM.

“Cruising” in vehicles will NOT be tolerated; Lawrence Township Police will be enforcing this, leave the cruising to Florida Georgia Line.

NO Vehicle traffic will be permitted in the campground after 6:00 PM, Cars will be not be allowed back into campground after 6PM, regardless of parking pass.