Camping Information


Festival Camping
Our 3-day festival camping ticket includes all twelve concerts AND three nights of camping (Thursday night, Friday night and Saturday night). Our festival camping does not include water or electric hook-ups. Our camping is sold PER PERSON not per site. One ticket provides the ticket-holder with access to the campgrounds and concert venue.

Deluxe Camping
A campsite with electric and water hookups. These campsites are sold by the venue (Clay’s Park). All Resort Campers (Deluxe tickets) have access not only to the water park but also to the indoor pool, restaurant, store, fishing lake and any activities in the camping resort. Limited Spots available! Click here to purchase deluxe camping. If you have questions about deluxe camping call Clay’s Park : 330-854-6691.


All campers will arrive off of route 93 and follow the signs to proceed through the field to our designated staging area.

Campers will proceed into staging lines where gate workers will come through and prep campers to enter the campground.

All campers must be present in their car at the time of staging.

You can purchase tickets at the gate (white tent) or from one of the members of the event management staff.

Event management staff members will scan ticket, administer wristband and parking pass.

Campers then will be guided through the staging area and into the entrance where an event placer will help them proceed to a campsite.

If you would like to camp together you MUST arrive together. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Thursday Arrival: Thursday June 14th, 9:00 am
Friday Arrival: Friday June 15th, 9:00 am
Saturday Arrival: Saturday June 16th, 9:00 am
Sunday Departure: Exit campgrounds by 11:00 am

Early campers will follow the same arrival instructions.
Early camping is not available presale. All early camping will be sold at the gate.

Super Duper Early Bird is $80.00
Super Early Bird is $65.00
Early Bird is $50.00

Gate Opening Times

Super Duper Early Bird: Monday June 11th, 9:00am
Super Early Bird: Tuesday June 12th, 9:00am
Early Bird: Wednesday June 13th, 9:00am


Every campsite is roughly 30 x 30 feet.

There is a limit of 3 ITEMS PER SITE. Those items can be any combination of a camper, car, truck or tent. Extra cars will be towed from sites if they become an issue. Campers can park extra cars outside of the campgrounds near our staging area at no cost.

Coolers are permitted, but glass bottles are not allowed.
You MUST stay within the lines of your site. Sites are regulated by the Health Department.
No saving or roping off sites. If you want to camp together you MUST arrive together.
Keep sites tidy and neat.
BAG TRASH. Trash will be collected daily so place trash bags by access roads.
Keep your site classy. If the Health Department deems your site unfit you could forfeit your admission.

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